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Profile of Perfume

Perfume (パフューム) is an all-girl pop/techno trio from Hiroshima, Kashiyuka, Nocchi, and A~chan who debuted locally in 2001 and nationally in 2005. Forming into Perfume at 12 years of age. From 2005-2008, Perfume has released 6 major singles. In 2007, Perfume released Polyrhythm, which became their first top 10# in the Oricon charts. Since then, Perfume has been breaking record after record with new singles.

In 2001, three 11-12 year old girls formed a group together in their hometown of Hiroshima. In 2002, they released two limited edition singles only in Hiroshima, called "Omajinai Perori" and "Kareshi Boshuuchuu". All three members moved to Tokyo in 2003 and became produced by capsule's Nakata Yasutaka. Between the years of 2003 and 2004, they produced "Sweet Donuts", "Monochrome Effect", and "Vitamin Drop" under the indies label "BEE-HIVE RECORDS". During that time, they performed to a one-man live three times. Because the girls were so energetic, fans acquired an appreciation for them.

On September 21, 2005, Nakata used their techno sound to become a cute technopop-style group in the near future for their major debut. It wasn't until 2007 that Perfume gained attention, when their single "Polyrhythm" became the theme song for a nationwide recycling campaign. The day of its release, it hit number #4 on the Oricon charts and #7 for the weekly ranking, making this the first time Perfume reached the top 10. Almost overnight the group became a success, selling over 60,000 copies of their single Polyrhythm in that week. After that, they appeared on many shows and radio programs like Hey Hey Hey!, MUSIC STATION, and LIQUIDROOM. On December 31st, 2007, Perfume performed in a concert titled "Countdown 2008". This was by far the biggest performance in the history of the group. In February 2008, Perfume released their new single "Baby Cruising Love / Macaroni", breaking their previous record by achieving #3 on the daily and weekly charts. Since their newfound success, their album "Perfume ~Complete Best~" began to rechart despite being released two years prior.

On July 9, 2008, single "love the world" was released and debuted on the Oricon sales chart at #1, becoming the first techno song ever to do so and breaking the record of #2 set in 1983 by Yellow Magic Orchestra. On November 19, 2008, single "Dream Fighter" was released. Coming in March 25 2009 is their next single "One Room Disco"

Nocchi Birthday is September 20, 1988
Kashiyuka's Birthday is December 23, 1988
A-Chans's Birthday is February 15, 1989
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